Cross-Country Skiing in Norway – Touring From the Espedalen Valley

In the event that you are a crosscountry skier searching for a moderately simple visit in the Norwegian mountains, one zone worth considering is the slope nation toward the west of Espedalen, which is a long valley arranged around 70km toward the northwest of the town of Lillehammer.

In the mid-nineteenth century, Espedalen was an extremely bustling spot, for it was then the world’s biggest community for nickel mining, and many men worked there. In any case, today few indications of that action remain, and the valley is quiet and void.

You can achieve it by taking a morning train from Oslo airplane terminal to Lillehammer and afterward the evening transport to Espedalen. The transport drops off at every one of the three inns in the valley. For strategic reasons, it’s best to mastermind to spend both the first and a nights ago of your vacation at one of these inns, since you will in all likelihood need to utilize their vehicle toward the finish of the visit, as we will see. (You may likewise need to utilize their vehicle toward the beginning of the visit, maybe to abbreviate the main day.)

After the main night in your lodging you can set off on your visit, every night remaining in lodges oversaw by DNT, the Norwegian Mountain Trekking Association. All aside from one of the lodges around there are un-staffed, however they are very much outfitted with sustenance, cooking gear and kindling and they have bunks with bedding. The un-staffed lodges are bolted, however you can acquire a key from DNT (after first turning into an individual from that association).

By and large talking, amid the period between mid-February and Easter the courses between the cabins are set apart by sticks put into the snow at customary interims. Be that as it may, regardless you should have the capacity to explore, just in the event that you stray far from the sticks in terrible climate.

There are a few conceivable visit schedules, however the accompanying rendition is genuinely standard. As you will see, the visit is a short one. Be that as it may, numerous skiers spend over one night at every hovel, and accept the open door to do day-visits with light packs.

Stage 1 takes you to Storholiseter lodge, a separation of 15 to 20km, contingent upon your beginning stage. The course goes principally through timberlands of birch and spruce, until the point that you leave the trees a few kilometers previously achieving Storholiseter, which is a bunch of lodges that earlier filled in as an upland homestead. The DNT convenience is spread between two of the lodges: altogether there are 18 beds.

Stage 2 takes you to Storkvelvbu lodge, a separation of around 12km. In transit you climb bit by bit to a tallness of 1200m and you ought to have a fine perspective of the Jotunheim Mountains, Norway’s most astounding, off on your right side.

Stage 3 goes to Haldorbu, a 16-bed lodge arranged at 1025m above ocean level. The separation is around 14km.

Stage 4 goes to Liomseter (915m), which is a staffed lodge. (Or on the other hand, at any rate, it is staffed amid the busiest piece of the visiting season, typically the two weeks running up to Easter. For whatever is left of the winter a little piece of it, with only 10 beds, can be utilized on an un-staffed premise.) The separation from Haldorbu to Liomseter is around 16km and in transit you lose around 100m in elevation and descend underneath the treeline. Liomseter is a genuinely vast building and when staffed it has an aggregate of 40 beds, some in little bunk-rooms, some in a bigger residence. At the point when staffed it serves suppers and you can likewise appreciate the advantage of a hot shower.

Stage 5 To end your visit you will ski down to a confined spot called Synsgardsætra, minimal in excess of an auto stop toward the finish of a minor street, around 15km from Liomseter. Your best choice at that point is to come back to the lodging where you spent the main night. By earlier course of action the hotelier will come and gather you from Synsgardsætra and drive you back to the inn. Right on time next morning you can take the transport back to Lillehammer and from that point a prepare to Oslo air terminal.